Now that you know about all the amazing things water does for your body, here
are some ways to make drinking it a little less boring:

  • Have a glass of water first thing in the morning &
    #8212; even before your cup of joe!
  • Drink it out of a really cool water bottle or goblet.
  • Add lots of ice, some lemon, cucumber, watermelon
    or even mint.
  • Toss in some frozen berries to double as ice cubes
  • Drink it while chewing on a minty piece of gum.
  • Bring it in the car and have a few sips at each light.
  • Drink it while you work.
  • Drink a glass just before each meal.
  • If it’s soda you’re craving, mix a little cranberry
    juice with sparkling water
  • Use a straw.
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