I’m a Swedish geek of computer science, language and usability, recently taking particular interest in openness on the web, blog and communications technology in general and web related in particular.

I do much development in ecmascript, including Greasemonkey user scripts, bookmarklets, blog template and web page features and utilities of all sorts. Mashups and covering new ground and application of developing technologies in this field lie close at heart, and I’m always eager to try out new ideas, more so still if they relate to above outlined fields of interest. When not developing client side applications, I prefer programming in Pike. Ruby on Rails seems interesting too, though.

Slight brushes of fame from of past and present count, among others, publishing a spree of bookmarklets and tools for the online game Kingdom of Loathing under the alias “Ohayou” and  participating in the core development team of the Pike programming language (mostly in a systems support rather than language development role).